The former Swedish international and Manchester United’s star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic was in furious form on Sunday’s game, as Ibrahimovic netted two goals against Swansea City.


And most importantly the Swedish star has become the one who scored the 25,000th goal in Premier League history.

The 35-year-old Swede's first goal in Manchester United's 3-1 victory over Swansea City on Sunday saw the English top flight reach the landmark 24 years after its inception. 

On that Zlatan Ibrahimovic claimed that he wasn’t aware about the 25,000th goal in Premier League history, which he had scored,

And joked that he thought he had scored that many on his own.

As Ibrahimovic said to BBC Sport,

“Ah, no I wasn't [aware],"

"I thought that was only me who had scored 25,000."

The former Swedish international Ibrahimovic reached 400 career goals himself with his second strike at the Liberty Stadium and recently become a part in Premier League history after scoring the 25,000th goal in Premier League history was struggling to get in score sheet since the Manchester derby on September 10, but claims he never lost confidence during his dry spell.

"No, as long as you create the chances which I have been doing the goals will come,"

"But the most important thing is the win. The goals will come." He added.

But unfortunately Ibrahimovic has been ruled out of United's home match against Arsenal next weekend as he collects the fourth yellow card on Sunday against Swansea City.

On that Ibrahimovic said,

"I thought we played rough in England? I play rough and I got a yellow card," 

"What was it for? I don't know. Maybe I was too tired to hear why the referee gave it." He concluded.