‘I thought Ramsey Will Stay at Arsenal’ : Wenger

Arsene Wenger , the Ex-Arsenal coach thought that Aaron Ramsey was an asset and that he would stay with the club. Wenger believed, if he was in charge in the next season , Aaron Ramsey would have stayed.

It was earlier this month that juventus confirmed the signing of Arsenal midfielder Ramsey. The Welsh midfielder’s contract is expiring in June. This means Ramsey will end the 11-Year relationship with Arsenal.

The Ex- Seilla Boss Unai Emery has always used Ramsey as a substitute. According to him, Ramsey was a back up player and used him when needed.

In the recent Laureus Words Sport Awards , Aresene Wenger received a lifetime achievement prize. 

There he said, after his departure there was a change of heart. Which led to this kind of situation.

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It was not a financial problem : Wenger on Ramsey

Arsene Wenger said :

In the case of Ramsey, it’s not a question at all of [running down his] contract, not at all,” he said.

I think it was not a financial situation and not a desire of the player to leave. But, as long as I was there, I was convinced that the player would stay.

What happened after, I don’t know. It was not a financial problem, not a desire to leave problem.

Juventus got Ramsey on a free transfer. He will be well paid in wages for his services. 

According to Wenger, high transfer prices for Elite players is increasing and incentives should be given  to players for Contract extension before time.


Wenger said :

It’s very simple: the transfer market is so big now that they think ‘if I run out my contract, I will not get the whole [outlay of the] transfer [but] I get the big part of it’,” he explained, having seen star names Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil enter the closing stages of their Arsenal deals on his watch.

Adding that to inflation means that the financial incentive for a player is to run out his contract. You’ll see that more and more, because a good player today [costs] between 50 and 100 million.

So, the player will not be bought for that price. His interest is to run the contract down and say to the club who wants to buy him ‘okay, I don’t want 50 [million], but I want a part of it’.