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The special one believes that his team can end their premier league on a high note in this season, and he has refused to set a determinant target.


The New Manchester United manager believes that his team can end their premier league run higher than fourth spot in the Premier league.

Since after 2013 Sir Alex Ferguson's title-winning farewell the Manchester United side underperformed in the premier league and they underachieved for the following season,

Under their new Portuguese manager the Manchester United side want to restore their old days glory back, and in this season at the starting they are filed to do so with some new names in their squad but now in their last couple of matches the Red Devils turn themselves up and ready to earn their spot in the premier league table.

Right now the Manchester Unite squad are sitting at the sixth position on the EPL table just four points aback from Arsenal who are sitting on the fourth and they (Manchester United) side are seven points behind from their Rival Liverpool who are in the second spot.

The special one manager is adamant and confident about that his side will finish strong in this season.

The manager added: "For me to be happy, it's an accumulation of factors.

For me to be happy is the way we end the season playing, the evolution of the team, the empathy with the supporters, the results in many different competitions we are playing,"

"So let's see where we finish, I don't want to say fourth, because I think we can do better than fourth.


"But we have the risk of not finishing fourth because the competition is so hard and the top teams have the same ambitions as we have. So I don't want to say fourth or third or fifth."