The 18-year-old French player played down his goal scoring form for the French side Monaco, despite another dyad.


The youngster played down the reports that everyone is making about him that he has got some extraordinary talents and also persists that he is very calm though he heard many interests from other big clubs.

The hotshot teenager continues his goal scoring form for Monaco on this Sunday when they met against Caen and they won that match by 3-0 goals.

This season the French player scored 19 goals for his side in all competition, 

In his last 12 games, he has netted 14 goals.

He said: "I would not say that what I do is extraordinary. I would just say that I am able to do what I know best. I would not say it's extraordinary,"

"Extraordinary is a player who can score 60 goals. There are not a lot. Otherwise I think we would overuse the term.


"I would not say it's amazing but I'm on a good run."

Because of his scintillating form, some of Europe’s big teams are interested in him and they are ready to offer a huge amount of money for the Youngster.

The youngster avouched that he is trying his best o be grounded.

He added: "Sorry, but I do not look at what the English press say. I remain very calm around this attention I get,"

"I get up in the morning and I go to practice like everyone else. I try to work to improve myself every day and I try to do on the pitch what I do during the training sessions.

"For now, it works well."