I Miss Messi and Suarez: Neymar

Football News: The Brazilian international avouches that he misses the fun that he used to have with the super duo,  also now he appears to have committed himself to the French capital side.

Neymar admitted that he misses the fun with Messi and Suarez.

At the beginning of this season Neymar moved from Barcelona to PSG, for a world record fee of $271m, he says that he misses his partners with whom he formed a trio of MSN.

Neymar stated: “The friendship that we had was something very beautiful. What I miss from Barcelona and about Barcelona is these two, due to the joy we had on a daily basis,”

“There was a game where I dribbled several players and then gave a pass.

“Messi dribbled several players in another play and Suarez tried to do the same dribbling and then a backflip pass.

“We started to laugh at him. We were so intimate that we could laugh at each other when one couldn't do things. And then he arrives at the locker room and says: 'Well, I saw you dribbling and I tried to do the same!'”

The 26-year old says that this season he will be with the French giants, as there were many rumors were there that the Brazilian superstar will leave the club and could move his way back to Spain for Madrid.

On this Saturday he posted a tweet where he seemed to pledge his future with the French champions.

Neymar tweeted: "Proud to wear the new jersey and to continue giving you joy,"

Barcelona legend Andres Iniesta also thinks that it is difficult to see Neymar in Barcelona in the near future.

Iniesta said: "I don't think there'd be any problems within the dressing room but for me, it would be a bit weird to see him back at Barca,

Neymar had a wonderful first season with the French giants, but now he will finish the season with the French giants by sitting on the sidelines due to injury.