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The Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is keen to hold onto his striker Ibrahimovic, but the Swedish striker is not ready yet to commit for another one year.


The 35 year old striker is not yet ready to commit for the Red Devils and after this season his contract with the Red Devils will expire.

The veteran striker is in an outrageous form for the Red Devils in this season he has scored 20 goals for them in all competition.

The Portuguese manager wants to hold on the striker for another year.
The report suggests, because of his impeccable form for them and of his scoring ability he will sign a new contract with them and will play his football for them for another year.

In their previous match Manchester United won their match against Watford by 2-0.

After that Ibrahimovic said: "Something like that. I have to score 100 goals!"

"The option is already fulfilled. But there's nothing done yet. From my side? We'll wait and see. Let's see what happens."

In that match the young French international Martial stole played some wonderful football against Watford,

In that match he scored one goal and also assisted one.
The Swedish striker expresses that he advised the French player over the breakfast.

Ibrahimovic voiced: "When he plays, he is playing well,"

"He isn't a guy that speaks a lot; he is quiet and very professional. He always tries to do his best, trains hard and that is paying off, just like in this match.

"I think it depends on every individual and what kind of person they are and their approach, how open he is. It is different for every person. He is not going around with his head down. He is training hard, he gives a lot of energy and he wants to play, which is normal.

"When we eat breakfast and he is beside me or if he passes me, we talk. I think everyone talks to everyone. It is not like you try to cheer him up; it is a good atmosphere and the guys are all good guys, very professional.

"He was creating good chances. I felt he tired in the second half because he was running a lot and he hasn't played every game, but he played well. He scored a nice goal and it's good for him and his confidence and the team."