I have the lot of respect for Ramos: Griezzmann

Football News: The Atletico star man Antonio Griezmann said he has a lot of respect for the Madrid captain, Sergio Ramos after he publicly questioned about Ramos’s ambition.

Griezmann accolades about the star defender.

The centre-half urged the Argentine coach Diego Simeone to teach some value to the Atletico Madrid attacker Antonio Griezmann after he talked about his Ballon d’Or chances this season.

A few days back the French international claimed that he is on the same level as the Barcelona star man Lionel Messi and with the Portuguese prolific figure Cristiano Ronaldo, prompting a response from the Madrid skipper.

Last night both the parties went head to head against each other which ended as a goalless draw at the Santiago Bernabeu.

After the match, questions asked to Griezmann about Ramos afterwards, he replies: "He's my little friend, I have a lot of respect for him. He's an example for the kids and a great centre-back.

"For me, this is a game, I like to have fun with my team-mates and with players from other teams. Sometimes I'm 'poking' and this time I was 'poked'."

In response, the Spanish centre-half stated: "I have not spoken with Griezmann, regardless of the opinion of each other, one must always have the utmost respect for a fellow professional."

At this moment Barcelona and Madrid are on the same level and on 14 points, one point clear than the third-placed Sevilla.