I have not listened to what they have to say about Messi, I am not interested


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The Barcelona coach Luis Enrique claimed that he did not hear what his counter path had to say about FC Barcelona’s hotshot Lionel Messi, but stated that he would happy, if the Argentine ace Messi finish his career at the Barcelona.


According to the latest report the 29-year-old FC Barcelona’s and Argentina international Lionel Messi is in linked with a move to the Premier club Manchester City,


But even though former FC Barcelona’s coach and current Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola spoke on Friday of his desire to see the Argentine ace Messi remain with the Spanish giant FC Barcelona for the rest of his playing days. 

But according to Luis Enrique, the current manager of FC Barcelona is unaware his Premier League counterparts had even spoken about the Argentina superstar, but Enrique will be satisfied if Messi will finish his career at the Cam Nou.


As Luis Enrique said in an interview,

"I haven't listened to what they have to say, I am not interested," he told a press conference ahead of the club's trip to face Real Sociedad on Sunday.

"We know how much media there is around Messi and how much he means to Catalonia and Barca.

"I am sure when Messi considers it correct and the club as well, they will give you the information.

"I'd love him to finish his career here."