I have 24 players available and I am F***: Zidane

Football News: The prospect of getting a fully fit squad would be a beneficial thing for most of the coaches but Zidane believes that it was left him f***.

Zidane is confused whom to choose for the final.

Before heading for the Champions League final, Madrid will play their last domestic match against the Yellow Submarine (Villarreal) on this Sunday.

For these last two matches, Real Madrid will have all of their 24 players, who are fully fit and fine to deliver for their team, and that causing the French manager a headache.

The French manager voiced: "I have 24 players available and I'm f*****

"Sorry, but I can't find a better word, because there are players that will stay in Madrid and not come with us for the last two games. That's the hardest part for me."

In the pre-match conference against Villarreal, the French gaffer denies that the match against the Yellow Submarine would be a dress rehearsal for the Spanish giants.

The French coach added: "They’re completely different teams,"

"Villarreal play out from the back, that's not how Liverpool play.

"It's crucial for us to play a good game, the last one in preparation for the final. Then we've got a week to get ready for that game, working on all the details. They're two very different teams."