The 30 year old striker has lost his place in his club’s starting line-up and also in his national team.

Ryan Giggs is backing the 30 year old English striker out of favour, who thinks his former team mate has been left distracted by the special one.

In his club the special one has dropped the 30 year old and after being that the England;s new interim manager Gareth Southgate also dropped him from the match against  Slovenia in their world cup qualifying match on Tuesday.

The special one and the new manager is got confused to find his best position for him,the Portuguese is adamant that he will not put his cunning striker in the midfield.

“I see a player who’s going through a transitional period, I went through it when I was 29 or 30, where I was a winger and I couldn’t knock it around a defender and get it the other side,” Giggs said on ITV.

“I feel a little bit sorry for him. Towards the end of last season and for England in the summer he was played in that deeper role, then he was told he’s playing as a number nine or a number 10. He’s probably a bit confused.

“The only way he can get it back is on the training pitch.

“I don’t see him playing in a specific position, he’s got the talent to play so many positions, and the experience.”

In this season the 30 year old cunning striker has managed to score just only one goal in his 13 appearances for him club and for his country.