I don’t want to discuss the referees: Antonio Habas

The former Atletico De Kolkata and the current manager of FC Pune City, Antonio Lopez Habas is not happy with the refereeing standards of ISL 2016.


After the Thursday’s defeat against Zico side FC Goa, for the first time ever in his ISL career the 59-year-old Spaniard man has shown his disappointment towards the refereeing standards of ISL 2016.

As Habas believes that Luciano Sobrosa's challenge on Anibal Zurdo in the first half was a penalty which appeal was turned down by the referee, which made the former Kolkata manager was understandably not pleased with the refereeing standards of Hero ISL and also expressed his disappointment with the outcome of the match.

As Habas said,

“In other leagues, you have a couple of shots and score one. Today at least we had four shots, double that number and still don't score. That's bad luck. How many for Goa? One or two. I remember only one save by my keeper, but still,"

"We are putting in double the effort but getting half the result. The first half decision by the referee, simply amazing. No other words but amazing (with regards to) that penalty decision. Anibal should have won that penalty and it's impossible that is not a penalty. Impossible in my eyes. But we cannot do anything about it," 

"It's a penalty for me and I told the referee about it and he said no, so that's it. I won't discuss it no more. I don't want to discuss the referees.” Habas expressed.

Even after a home defeat, the Spaniard is happy with the effort and the hard work that his team is doing, but only disappointed with the decision and refereeing standards of ISL.

"The hard work of the team (continued as) they tried to score but failed. But they fought to the last minute. That's a good thing from today's game," he mentioned. 

"It is always the same problem though for us. I don't remember one decision going in our favour. No penalties in seven games when we should have had a few. But that's ok, that's how it is. We cannot do anything about it, we move on," Habas concluded.