The 32 year old Real Madrid attacker was subjected and jeered by Madrid’s fans; the former Real Madrid player thinks that this thing has become "exaggerated".


The 28 year old Angle Di Maria thinks that the way the Los Blancos fans are jeering the Portuguese superstar is over exaggerated”.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the Real Madrid’s all time top goal scorer despite being that the Real Madrid fans are targeting him.

The real Madrid fans are notoriously marketing, with any immerse in form be that individual or collective gulped upon.

In the recent weeks that four times Ballon d’Or winner faced many criticism for his form and also jeered by Real Madrid fans and the fans always wants to get the impeccable football from him.

The former Real Madrid attacker Angel Di Maria thinks that fans should not treat him like that and he should be treated as a legend.

The former Real Madrid player who won one Champions league and La Liga trophy by side with Ronaldo he added:

"It is exaggerated.

"He has given so much to Madrid, as others have. He has won two Champions Leagues and people forget that a bit. They always want more.

"The same has happened with [Lionel] Messi. People say he's not scoring enough, he's not like he was before, but overnight something sparks and the goals start to flow. I don't understand how people can question Cristiano."

The Argentine player has faced same kind of situation in his life at Madrid and thinks that some player can tackle it better than others and now the Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema and also Danilo has facing same kind of situation.

He added: "Some players are mentally stronger.

"I see Benzema as very strong – even though this happens, he likes to play and enjoy himself.

“Danilo looks a bit different, it's a bit harder for him, and his head affects him a bit more. He must think about enjoying himself and being positive when he is playing.

"It happened to me many times, I had some ugly moments at Madrid, but it all changed and when I left Madrid in the end I was much loved."