The 47 year old Italian manager relived his most painful moment as a player and right now he tries to warn his player by saying that they have not won the title yet.


Chelsea  is sitting at the Numero Uno position of the EPL table with a eight points edger over their rivals despite that the Italian manager realize that they have not reached to their ultimate goal and as a player he has faced the same kind of experience when he missed out a trophy on a final day.

In 1999-00 season the Juventus team lost their Seire A title to Lazio despite they are enjoying eight point lead over Lazio.

On that last day the Turin side lost their match against the Lazio side on a heavily waterlogged pitch.

This season under the Italian Conte the Blues has won 19 games out of their 25 games, though he relived the painful moments as a player in his footballing career.

He added: "In my experience as a footballer I have had two experiences [of a major title collapse]," he said at Cobham Training Centre. "

"Lazio in the last six or seven games they recovered seven points, eight points and we lost the title in the last game against Perugia. I was captain of the team. I remember after this game I must go in the Europe with the national team.

"I didn't sleep for six days because it was a shock for me to lose the title. In another situation I won the title to recover against Inter eight points. We won the last game against Udinese and Inter lost the game against Lazio.

"The day after [everyone thought] we lost the title. I'm not surprised. I have experienced this. When I continue to repeat there are 13 games, there are 39 points. There is a long time before we can say we won the title.

"We must be focused, we must go step by step. Now I'm sure to win the title we must get 32 points [to be mathematically safe]."

The Blues will play against the Manchester United in the FA Cup quarter final.