The Argentine and Northeast United’s star striker Nicolas Velez is looking forward to another great season of the Indian Super League season 3.


The 26-years-old has impressed everyone with his quality of strike in the last season of the ISL. Velez scored five goals and one assist in his 14 appearances for the Northeast United FC and helped the Highlanders to finish in the fifth at the end of the season.

The most loveable star of the Northeast United is again retained by the club for the upcoming season of the Indian Super League and in an interview with the indiansuperleague.com he expressed his disappointment of not to get to the playoffs but this season he is expecting to score more goals for the Northeast United FC.

In a conversation with the ISL website,

ISL website: How was your Experience last year with Northeast United FC?
Velez: “It was a great experience to play in ISL last season, but unlucky we can’t get into the playoff, but for me it was a great experience to play with some of the big players, team mate like Simao Sabrosa and other players like Elano, Mutu, Zokora. After all it was a great experience for me and this season I hope we can do better”

ISL website: What area of your game are you looking to improve upon?
Velez: “for me I am trying to improve on the finish because last season, I created many chances to score and I also get some goals which was on side (smiles) but these are the part of football you know, sometimes the on side goals can be offside, these are all a part of the game so I am training hard to improve my finish for the coming season of Indian Super League.”

ISL website: How challenging is the league format?
Velez: “Yes, it is challenging, we play every four days, we travel a lot, and we are in the north (smiles) so we have to travel a lot, it’s really important to use the rest day for full recovery.”

ISL website: What was your favorite goal from last year?
Velez: “I don’t know if was my best moment or not, but I like when I scored my first goal at home (Guwahati) against Chennai because it was 90 min. the score was drawn and Simao scored the penalty than I scored the second goal. It was the first victory at home, it was the first victory in the league, and it was my first goal at home so it was my best I can say.”

ISL website: What’s it like being part of Northeast United FC?
Velez: “I have no words to thank all the fans, they gave their support all the time, which I can feel it and it is very important for me and it was one of the big reasons to be here once again.”

ISL website: How important will pre-season be for the team?
Velez: “it will be very important, it is the best time to meet each other, to know the new players well, to know what the best is for everyone.”