The 25 year old star believes that he is closing to gap the world’s best player and he is enjoying more outlooks form the referees.

Atletico Madrid winger acknowledge that he is not yet at the same level of the Argentinean star or Cristiano Ronaldo.

The French international is one of the estimable for this year’s Ballon d'Or after maintaining a exceptional form for his club.

The French international scores 32 goals last season for his Atletico Madrid as they finished third in the La Liga table and reached the Champions League finals, he also earns the golden boot at Euro 2016,he scored six goals for his country in that tournament.

The 25 year old striker also scored six goals this season s far yet he believes that he must win more trophies if he has been envisaging on the same level as Cristiano or Messi.

"I think I still have more to do to be their equal, starting with winning titles," he told L'Equipe. "They've won them and they keep winning them.

"But as I've said in the past, I want to sit at their table. And I think I'm getting there, bit by bit. I hope to stay there as long as possible."

Griezmann does however feel as though his thriving reputation s beginning to have an influence on the field.

"Now they call me 'Griezmann', whereas before they didn't know who I was. They had to look at the name on the back of my shirt."