I am sorry to those who have discovered last week: Solari

The Madrid frontman has scored five goals for this side in his last three appearances and receives accolades from his manager.

Benzema has found his rhythm in Madrid under Solari.

The New Madrid manager heaped praised about the Frenchman who is on a hot streak for them and also he hit out at the critics who couldn’t  recognize his contribution for the team.

Last night Benzeman scored a brace for them and won the match with flying colours by 3-1 goals in Copa Del Rey Quatrer Final,they reached to the last four by 7-3 margin.

Now the veteran has scored five goals for his team in his last three games, with an understanding that the Brazilian Vinicius Junior is also growing by game by game.

Benzeman has always been on the lighting zone of criticism in his time at Madrid, but his contribution for the team is always there through a period where Gareth Bale and Asensio got injured.

And Santiago Solari feels that the striker ahs always got malinged by the Madrid fans when he spoke after they reach to the Copa Del Rey Semi Finals.

“But hey, they still have time to enjoy him, he is in a great moment, it’s true.”