The Belgium striker thinks that he still has a long way to go to match alongside with Luis Suarez and Sergio Aguero.

The 23 year old Belgium striker has acknowledge that he still needs to improve if he has to reach the same level as other top striker.

Lukaku has scored 18 goals in his 37 appearances in the last season, but the dogs of war has finished 11th in the table, and Roberto Martinez lost his job at Goodison Park due to this.

And the Belgium striker thinks that his ability to have a greater impact on his club’s destiny stands between him and reaching the highest level.

"I need more match-winning performances [to reach the level of Suarez]," Lukaku told.

"For a striker of my ability I score the goals that I score, but I need to create goals. The likes of [Sergio] Aguero, Suarez, [Karim] Benzema, [Robert] Lewandowski, they can create a goal out of nowhere and that's the thing that I need to do.

"In training I'm with the manager trying to put in situations like that so it becomes more natural. I have it in my locker but it needs to come out more."

In this season club has appointed a new manager Ronald Koeman and he convinced Lukakau to stay at Goodison Park.

"I was really close [to leaving], but I had a moment of reflection – for a week in pre-season – to see how the manager works and see what he sees in me as a player," he added.

"I'm young and there are aspects of my game I need to improve. He worked with me on it from day one and I was convinced he was a man that can have a big influence on my future."