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Two years ago the former Manchester United coach Louis Van Gaal was keen to bring the German defender to Old Trafford.


The former Dortmund player claims that in 2014 he was very close to joining the Red Devils side under Louis Van Gaal.

In 2014 the Red Devil side made several attempt to bring the German international to the Old Trafford but they fail to make a deal with him.

Back in 2014 the Defender was not happy in his club Dortmund so Along with Manchester United many other Big clubs tries to sign him but he choose to stay in Germany and he choose Bayern Munich.

The 27 year old defender claims that may other La Liga giants like Real Madrid and Barcelona and Atletcio Madrid also tries to sign him but the Manchester United side tries the most.

The defender added: "Yes, [a deal was close]," Hummels.
Yes, yes, yes. It was close. Very close. 


"There were talks, several times in the last few years. They were the offers. I had England or one of the three big Spanish clubs.

"The Spanish interest was loose, loose offers. I don't like it that way. Nothing got close like the one from England. 

"Van Gaal wanted me but he wasn't the only one. It is getting difficult for me now to play in England. I'm 28 next month and I've signed here for five years."

The German defender has won Bundesliga title with Dortmund under Jurgen Klopp in 2011 and in 2012 and also won DFB Pokal with his former team.
He also believes that what now Klopp is doing with Liverpool and what he achieved in EPL no other coach can achieve those things. 

He voiced:  "We wouldn't have had that success with another coach in Dortmund, no way. He is very emotional. All the time, on the training pitch. He can't settle down,"


"How intense? Every day? 100 per cent! The important thing is that when he thinks he made [a mistake], he can really apologise to a player – whether that is alone or in front of the whole team. If he says something inappropriate, he realises it afterwards.


"He doesn't take things personally. We had two big opinions, two big egos. Sometimes you can get into a fight but you know everything the next day will be okay. We could always talk about it. 


"He was never like 'I will never forgive you for this!' The relationship I had with him was really important.


"I can't say I am a Liverpool fan. I don't have a club in England. I just want Klopp to win. If he was coach of another team, I would support them. I cheer for Klopp."