Hummels confident that Germany can cope out with their two main stars

Football News: The German defender is confident that the World cup defending champions would cope up in the world cup if Neuer and Boateng unable to recover before the world cup.

Hummels believes this term Germany has a formidable depth in their squad.

At this moment both the German duo is facing a race against time for the world’s biggest showpiece, but the German wall believes that Germany can replace them if they were unable to fit themselves before the world cup.

The German goal stopper Manuel Neuer has been out of action since September due to his foot injury, and Hummels Defence partner in Munich and country Boateng picked up a hamstring injury during the champions league semi final first leg against Madrid.

The goalkeeper has back to his fitness again and right now he is training with the German team, and the defender is still working on his fitness.

About this situation, Hummels voiced: "Both players are terrific, potentially the best [in their position],"

"Not having them on the field is a negative. But at the same time, it allows other players to step up and play that role. The potential for them to [recover in time to] play is still there."

Barcelona goal keeper Marc Andre Ter Stegen is the primary candidate to replace Neuer and the Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger looms to replace Boateng in the national squad.

Hummels stated: "There are plenty of players on the roster who can step up and fill those gaps,"

"Whoever is in the best form and playing their best at the moment will get a chance to prove it in the right moment. I can't say any more than that."