The 23 year old Argentine attacker played some formidable football for the Turin side alike last season this season also he is playing some wonderful football for them and his team mate expects him to go far.


The Juventus striker and Argentine attacker Gonzalo Higuain tipped his countryman to become one of the best players in the world.

Last season the Juventus side brought him for them Palermo FC and he has a lot of hype to live up for the Juevntus side after a big money move,

And he proves that he deserves that much of money by displaying wonderful football for them and also last season he scored 23 goals in his 19 matches.

And this season he also scored seven goals so far in his 18 appearances.
In an Interview Higuain said:

"He can read the game very well,"

"In fact, he sees football just like the greats do, even though he is very young.

"I hate comparisons, so I will say that Dybala must become Dybala. He has the potential to be among the best in the world. But you have to leave him alone."

On the other hand this season Higuain the new striker of the Turin side scored 22 goals for them in 33 games, and he is living up his dream with them.

He added: "Winning is not important, it is the only thing that matters: it is not a little phrase, but the clearest example of the essence of this team,"

"Playing at the Juventus Stadium is spectacular. Before entering the field of view photos of Platini, Baggio, Zidane, Del Piero and you say: 'in the same shirt, can I not give my best?'

"At 29 I have found mental tranquility in my life, both in work and outside of it. I am playing in a team that will fight for the Champions League and I have found a beautiful city, where I love to wander."

Today at late night the Juventus side will play against Porto in the Champions league, and they are also sitting at the top of the Serie A table.