The Spanish midfielder of Manchester United persisted that the Manchester United side wants to win every game left in this season to chase down their European and Domestic targets.


Andre Herrera is looking for no excuse at this time on the season and he wants to win every match for this team.

A few days ago the Manchester United supremo avouched that Europa league success is the main target for Manchester United.

He will also make some certain changes in the starting lineup in their domestic matches to give rest some of the key players for the European matches.

Herrera the United midfielder thinks every Manchester United player has a responsibility to honour tradition.

In an interview, he said: "We are ready. We are in a good moment. We are a difficult team to beat. It is not so easy to score against us.

"We know Arsenal are a very good team, they have some special players who can change the game in one moment, but we are really ready, ready to go there and try to win. That's the way we have to face them.

"If we lose against Arsenal, we will have another final against Celta, another final against Tottenham, this season is like this and will be like this until the end.

"The only way is to try and win every game. You cannot select games. Every game is important. We are defending Manchester United, we are defending the greatest club in England, one of the greatest in the world. No excuses. Fight for every game.

"We have a lot of injuries at the moment, but we have players coming back. Sometimes in the difficult moments, you find the spirit and everyone works in the same way and pushes together.

"There are players who are not playing every week, but they can help us. We have a very good squad.

“All our focus is on the Champions League. If we get it, it will be a very good season."

Today the Manchester United side will play against the Arsenal side, they will visit the Emirates stadium.