The Veteran striker of Manchester United Zlatan Ibrahimovic picked up an injury in their Europe league match and now the striker has seen his season end for the Manchester United side by this injury as he did not sign a new deal with them.


The Spanish teammate of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Andre Herrera believes that the Swedish will play against though this season is ended for the superstar due to his injury.

In their Europa league quarter-final against the Anderlecht, he suffered Knee ligament damage.

As he is out for this season now there is questioned are raised as if he will continue his football or if he continues then he will be there with the Red Devils or not.

Though before many time the Swedish superstar mentioned that he has no intention to retire from football right now.

Herrera said: "Of course he can [play again].

"First, because he is privileged physically. His physique, his body, is one of the best I have ever seen, so I think it will be easier for him to get back than others.

"But of course he is 35, he will have to work very, very hard and be very patient, but I have no doubt he will be back because he loves football, he loves to win, he loves to score goals.

"He loves to train every day. Every day, he wants to win, every box, every game of football tennis, everything in training, so I have no doubt he will be back.”

In the same game the Manchester United defender, Marcos Rojo picked up an injury and now he will undergo a surgery.

Both the Manchester United player have been in great form for United this season but now due to their injury, the Red Devils side will miss their service for the rest of the season.

He added: "I am happy that we could dedicate this victory to Ibra and Marcos.

"They are now having bad moments. Ibrahimovic because he is 35 and has won everything, and played at the highest level for 15 or 16 years, and now it is the first time he gets a really bad injury and so we are really sad for him.

"Marcos was the best moment of his career. He was very focused on what he was doing. He is my friend as well so I feel really sad for him, but he is very strong and he will be back very strong. We dedicate the victory to them."

Manchester United side is now one point away from their City rivals Manchester City side in the premier league table.