The Wales football manager thinks that Ramsey is a great player and believes in this recent times he has been the subject of unfair animadversion.


The Wales manager Chris Coleman believes that 26 year old midfielder is an easy target for the Arsenal boos boys.

On 2008-09 campaign the Arsenal side picked Ramsey from the Cardiff City.

Back then he was carefully introduced by the Arsenal manager Wenger and now he is a pivotal player for Arsenal and for his country,

The midfielder did not receive applause by the Gunners fans as sometimes his game is a bit more frustrating than exciting.

In the last three campaigns he has played some important part for them as they are and also registered his name many times in the goal scoring sheet,  but Arsenal have  a wealth of players in midfield because of that many times he was shifted to a new position in the center of the midfield.

According to the Wales manager Ramsey has got the potential to be the top player for them and in these recent times he is getting targeted one by the Arsenal for unfair criticism.

In an interview the Wales manager said: “Since he moved from Cardiff to Arsenal he’s had one or two

people quickly jumping on the bandwagon to criticise him.

“He’s an easy target and he’s had one or two criticising him but he’s a great player.”

At this moment he is not a key part for the Gunners but he is an integral part of the Wales team.

In EURO 2016 he has played some impeccable football for the Wales team eventually they lost their match in the semi final against the Portugal team.

Coleman voiced: “I’ll always wonder [what would have happened] had we had him for the semi-final.

“I know how good he is and how good he was in the tournament. Under that type of pressure against that type of opposition he was absolutely magnificent.

“He’s one of the best players I’ve ever worked with – and I’ve worked with some good ones.

“When you take that type of quality out of any team then you are going to feel it.

“We definitely need him if we are going to do what we did before.”