Hazard predicts the name of the Ballon d’Or winner

Football News: The Belgium superstar believes the Luka Modric will win the Ballon d’Or award this season.

No Messi, No Ronaldo, Hazard predict the name of the Player.

The 33-year-old Croatian international Luka Modric is ready to end the dominance of Messi and Ronaldo on Ballon d’Or award, which has been shared by both the superstars for the last ten years.

This year the midfielder led his country for their first ever world cup final and helped the Los Blancos side to claim their third Champions League trophy.

The Chelsea man who is also on the 30 man list with Modric for this gong believes Modric who won the award of FIFA best player last month would deserve this gong.

Hazard voiced: "I don't think I'm going to win it. In my opinion, Modric deserves it,"

"There are three to four players. I could say [Madrid and France defender Raphael] Varane because he won a lot too. I could deserve it too, let's not lie.

"But seriously, I think that Modric will win it. It is going to be a reward for his wonderful season in the Champions League and the final of the World Cup."

Hazard and his country will face Switzerland on UEFA Nations league and then they will face the Dutch side in a friendly game.