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Allegri the Juventus head coach thinks that the comeback of the Catalan club last night was beautiful but it is a bad news for other teams who are struggling for glory.


The 49 year old Italian professional football manager who is currently in charge of Juventus avouched that Barcelona’s performance against the PSG side was superb last night but also thinks that it is a bad news for the others team who are also there in the race.

Last night the Catalan team completed the greatest comeback on the Champions league history by thumping PSG by 6-1 goal at the Camp Nou,
From the 88th minutes onwards they scored three goals to the PSG side,

While Barcelona who is also in the last night that means there were three teams are there who should be considered as a favorite over the Serie A outfit.

Allegri said: "With all due respect to Paris Saint-Germain, to have Barcelona in the quarter finals – and I know we still have to get there ourselves – is not pleasing,"

"Something like what happened to Barcelona in Paris, where they lost 4-0, doesn't happen every year, or even every five years.

"So it is normal that now Barcelona are favourites to win the Champions League along with Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.

"It was a beautiful evening of football which I think will remain in the annals of football history, because I don't think any team has ever pulled off such a good comeback.

“It wasn't easy for them, it was a good and very intense game. It wasn't great technically, compared to what Barcelona has always shown the world, but that is why football is beautiful and strange – there are situations no-one can predict."

 On Tuesday Juventus will play against the Porto side in the Champions league second leg and the Juventues coach warns his players after watching Barcelona’s miraculous comeback against PSG.

He added: "Above all, that should make us understand and reflect that on Tuesday we have a game in which we have a two-goal lead and in the league we have an eight-point lead but it is not over.

"So we have to take things one game at a time, without looking at what might happen in three months."