The 29 year English professional footballer thinks that he does not sees himself back in Etihad Stadium after being sent out on loan by the new Spaniard manager.


The Torino goalkeeper believes that he is "surplus to requirements" to the Manchester City and he cannot return there.

In the beginning of the year the English goalkeeper joins the Serie A outfit from the Manchester City side on Loan when Pep Guardiola joins the Manchester City side,

After joining the Manchester City the Former Catalan manager made it clear that he will not put him in the starting lineup.

In place of Hart the Manchester City side brought the Barcelona goalkeeper Bravo but his performance for the Sky Blues side is really impoverished,
But still Hart thinks that his days as a Manchester City goalkeeper are numbered.

In an interview Hart said: "I'd say I'm pretty much surplus to requirements at my parent club at the moment,"

"Not really. I've got to be realistic. I love that club and I've always said that as long as they wanted me, I would be there.

"But I was always cautious when I said that because I'm aware that at the big, big clubs stuff can change quickly as can opinions and people in charge.

"Not everyone is going to like you, not everyone is going to want to play you and that's the business side of it, which I've grown into and I'm certainly not going to take personally.

"I want to play football, I love to play football so if that opportunity is not going to be given there then I'm going to have to look elsewhere and may have to make somewhere else my home."

Though Hart leaves the club for the first time after joining them back in 2006,

He confess that he do not have any Enmity against Guardiola.