The former German Midfielder thinks that the Reds are doing well and they can fight for premier league this season.

The German midfielder thinks that the Reds can fight this year the Premier league crown this year under Klopp, but he fears that they cane fell short after their broiling start to the season.

In this season the Reds win 7 games out of their 10 games and they have collected 23 points and they are now with the same points with the league leaders and this season they emerge victorious over away to Arsenal and Chelsea and defeated reigning champion Leicester City at the home ground.

Now the Red Devil supporters have some belief about their team that they way are performing maybe this year they will able to hold their spot with in the top 4 teams of the league and or they can win the crown after 26 years.

The 43 year old German told: "They've got a chance but so have four or five other teams. I don't think there is an awful lot between the teams.

"You've got Man United who don't look capable right now, but they've got a good squad and if they click then maybe they could be the sixth team joining the title race.


"I think it's as open as it has been and Liverpool are one of the teams. You can make the case to say they have achieved the most, if you look at the teams they have played so far.


"I don't think they will win the league, but they'll have a chance."