The 25 year old German international has played under both the coaches throughout his carrier and he believes that the former boss Kopp motivates player, while the Spaniard has his own some magical kind of strategy.

Both the coaches have their amazing personality and they have their different kind of style according to Gundogan.

Ä°lkay GündoÄŸan is a handful players to have who played under both the coaches during his carrier and an in this transfer season Manchester City has purchased him from Dortmund far of 2016-2017 season.

The enticement of playing under the Spaniard was one of a major cause for the German international to swap his life to the Etihad Stadium
In his earlier life at Manchester City the boss found that both the coaches have some kind of harmony but they have some kind of differences as well.

"Jurgen Klopp is more the emotional one and someone who can motivate really well," said Gundogan.

"Pep Guardiola is more tactical, who always takes care of details and wants to show you how to do everything.

"Both are world-class managers and both have their own qualities. Both are amazing personalities."

"Playing for Pep has certainly lived up to the expectations. I knew him from the Bundesliga and saw him coaching Barcelona when everyone saw an excellent manager who is able to get players to improve.

"He is a great personality and a very nice guy. I'm very happy to have this experience with him and learn from the best."