The former Barcelona boss tells that he spoke to his co assistance coach Arteta after he heard about the incident that took place after their clash against Barcelona.

In this year the 34 year old former Arsenal player joined Manchester City as a assistance coach and the head coach Pep Guardiola confident that his assistance will never involve himself with this kind of incident.

Few Spanish news paper press some news Barcelona’s main star Lionel Messi has been provoked after they{Barcelona} lost their match against Manchester City in the champions league reverse fixture, according to some Spanish newspaper they thinks that an unnamed City player provoked the Superstar in the tunnel when they are all heading towards their dressing room.

According to the Brazilian outlet Globo Esporte they think that the Brazilian midfielder Fernandinho who proved the Argentine, but the Spanish reports believes that it was Mikel Arteta. 

The Brazilian midfielder Fernandinho tells that he was not involve himself in that such of incident and the Manchester City hierarchy also denied this kind of rumours.

“I spoke with Arteta,” he said. “It’s impossible, he admires so many things about Barcelona, the institution, about Messi in this case.

“And knowing Mikel as I know him, he’s one of the best people I’ve met in my life, it’s impossible that he could have an argument with another excellent person like Messi. Impossible.

“First it was Fernandinho, now it’s Arteta, let’s see who it is tomorrow. Let’s see if you finally guess.”