The 46 year old Spaniard coach knows people will judge him how many trophies he has won with his recent club after this season.


Pep Guardiola the Manchester City supremo knows that Manchester City’s season will be considered as a failure if they were unable to win any silverware.

Before arriving at Manchester City the Spaniard coach won several trophies with the Bayern Munich and Catalan side, and because of that people expects the same thing from him with the Manchester City side.

Today they will play against Middlesbrough in the FA Cup quarter final and they also have a very dazzling opportunity to reach to the Champions league last eight but winning of premier league chances is very low for them.

The former Barcelona coach knows how people will judge him after the end of this season if he has not won any trophies with the Manchester City side.

He said: "I know what my standard is in terms of the past and titles. I know what's on my shoulders and I have to handle that,"

"I know we will be judged on the titles we win. I know that. No silverware – it will not be a good season. I knew that in August.

"If I have no silverware, I will not be here for a long time. Being a manager depends on results.

"But I always believe deep in my heart that results depend on the way you play. That's why I need to be convinced that we're playing better every day."

Guardiola won domestic league titles with his former clubs but only able to win the Champions league twice with the Catalan side and he is unable to win Champions league title with the Bayern Munich side.

He voiced: "My period in Munich was judged like a disaster because we were not able to win the Champions League. I won three leagues in a row, we won two cups from three, we arrived every time in the semi-finals and finals, [but] it was a disaster,"

"I have to handle that but what I can say is try to play better, better, better than the previous month. That's what I want to see for the next year – be better."