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The Sky Blues (Manchester City) have won only four games in their last 15 matches and the Spanish manager thinks he is to blame for it.


If Manchester City could not improve their game then their new Spaniard manager’s job could be on the line.

In the beginning the Manchester City side won 10 matches back to back under Guardiola after that they start to struggle and now they have lost most the games just managed to won 4 out of their last 15 games.

Now the Manchester City side is sitting at the fourth position of the table with 30 points and they are seven points abaft from the group leaders Chelsea.

"The last month, I have to accept, we have to accept, it's not going well," 

"The last four games at home, we didn't win and we scored four goals in four games at home.

"I don't have a defence of that, but you don't change what you believe, you improve on what you believe.” he said.

The Manchester City’s hierarchy waited many years to land the Spaniard and they spent a lot of money to bring him to their head coach this season,
And the former Bayern Munich and Barcelona thinks that everyone will blame him if they do not get the required results from him.

But still the manager is determined to stick to his tactics and he things he will not change his tactics t get e short term results.

He voiced: "No, no way,"

"We are going to play the way I feel, making mistakes, but I cannot do something I don't feel.

"Football does not exist as a long-term project. You have to win immediately and if you don't win, you are in trouble. When you don't win there are many reasons – maybe the opponent is better.

"You have to minimise mistakes to win games, I believe in the way I like to play, so I'm sorry, I can't do that.

"The boss and the chairman are going to decide, but no way.

"It's not going too well, of course, long-term projects do not exist in football. Then another guy has to be in charge because you have to win.

"Of course the club has to prepare in the long term, but the coaches, the managers, they have to win, or something is going to happen."