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Manchester city in their last match they were hammered by their opponent, they conceded 4 goals from Everton.


The 46 year old Spanish Professional football coach and Manchester City manager feels that he is not the right person to lead  the Manchester City to success.

Right now the Sky Blues are sitting at the fifth spot on the EPL table with 42 points they are 10 points behind the Group leader Chelsea.

Today’s game the Manchester City will face a tough competition from the Tottenham side, who are currently sitting at the second spot on the table,

Before this match the Spaniard coach defends his player by saying: “I don’t understand the lack of respect for the professionals, when they are amazing players and they’re not good enough for me. Maybe I’m not good enough for them.

“They’re Manchester City players, top players, they have a lot of quality.

They showed that many times in the past and this season.

“Maybe the expectations about my coming here were so excessive, maybe winning 10 games in a row, so the reality is that we’re going to build up.

“I’m working on that and then I’ll be the first to recognize when I’m not able or we’re not able to do that, to speak with the club to take a solution.

“We changed many things from the beginning and sometimes you need time. If they give me time I will do that until the end and, if they don’t, unlucky.”

The Spaniard believes that in his coaching career, he has only seen success, but this period he is facing a difficult time at Manchester City and he vowed to come out of this situation and he will remain a top rated coach.

The Spaniard voiced: “The life of the manager and football players is that situation – a sad situation, so the exception is my period [career],”

“Always winning, winning, winning. I’d prefer to be at the top, but it’s not that situation and it’s the first time I’ve been in that.”