Guardiola recognizes that many clubs will be there to hijack him after the end of this season.


The 28 year old Chilean international has one year contract left with the Gunners side and as this season the Arsenal side is unable to deliver the performance what everyone is expecting from them,

There are rumors in the air lurking that the after the end of the season few pivotal players of them will leave the club and as if the Chilian superstar did not sign a new deal with them yet the Manchester City boss believes that after the end of the season many European big guns will go for him.

Guardiola said: "Put it that Kevin De Bruyne had one year left on his contract, see how many teams would have him. Normally the big players have two, three years [on a] contract,"

"All the clubs in the summertime are going to try to improve. How do you improve the teams? Better players. Of course [people will watch] all the players around the world. Alexis is one of them. They are going to know his situation."

In his time with the Catalan side, the Chileans superstar has won La Liga title and Copa Del Rey with his three years with them but he did not get that much recognition when he was with them and Guardiola explained that all the players will look compared when they are with the same team with Messi.

Guardiola voiced: "Messi creates that,"

"All players that go there and start training with them realize immediately they cannot compete, they will always be below [Messi].


"Even the big players that believe they are top, they go there and they understand. Messi is unique.

"But Alexis is just one step below, a fantastic player. I am so happy how he is playing there, especially this year, scoring goals and assists and so on.


"The quality means when Arsenal was tied – free-kick, goal. Good players make this kind of things, the difference. Alexis is a player of that level."