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This season the Spaniard manager came to the Manchester City squad under tenderness lately but one of his Manchester City players thinks that working with him is has been beyond his expectancy.


The 22 years old English Defender john Stones and Manchester City defender revels that working with Guardiola has been better that he reckoned, though recently his squad not able to perform up to the mark.

In the recent past the Manchester City has won only two games in their seven games in all competitions and also they face a defeat in their home ground recently from League leaders Chelsea and from the last year Reigning champions Leicester City.

Last Saturday Guardiola’s men face a defeat from the Leicester City by 4-2, in that match the 22 year old Defender John Stones gave a poor back pass to the goalkeeper and Vardy got the ball and he did not miss to capitalize the situation and he got hat trick on that match, this season Manchester City suffered defensives problems that things prompting tenderness of Guardiola’s method.

In the last Transfer window the 22 year defender John Stones arrived at Manchester City from Everton, and cost Manchester City 50m.

He thinks Guardiola is the best coach in the world.

And he added: "He was 100 per cent a major factor, if not the main reason for me coming,"

 "There's a lot of factors to think about when you're moving clubs but in my eyes,

"To be given that opportunity to work with him, I couldn't say no. And working with him has been even better than I expected."

Stones admit that right now he is not able to deliver the required performance what is everyone expecting from him and he thinks that Spaniard coach always mention his players when he expects the best from his players.

Stone voiced:

"He will certainly tell you when something is wrong,"

"It's part of football, being told off now and again. You are going to make mistakes. That's how it is. That's also how you learn and react. I think that's how every player moves on.

"I'm always the first person to know or say I've made a mistake. I'll do that openly ­because that's the only way you move forward and realise what you have done wrong.