The Barcelona has to reconstruct expectancy of his side at Etihad stadium, persisting that he is only trying to coagulate on one club.

Pep Guardiola the new Manchester city manager has told that he is not willing to change Manchester city like Barcelona and he is not here to change the English football.

The Spaniard told that he will never change his philosophy, he pointed out his record of attainment, and in the press conference after being questioned that he has any kind of problems with their star mane Aguero and with Vincent Kompany he mentioned that we have to look about his look out his previous record track.

But he also moved to temperament premier league side’s anticipation of his time at Manchester City, he is clear that here what he wants to acquire.

"I don't want to play like Barcelona,"he said. "Barcelona play in that way depending on the players they have, especially one.


"I hear many times people say that Pep is coming here to change English football. I said at the beginning to forget about it because I am not coming here to change absolutely anything.


"I want to learn and I will try to change one way to play for my players. I will try to convince them they can have fun and play good and win as many games as possible and fight for titles.  That is my only target, with the players that we are working with every single day, that is why I am trying.



"That is why Manchester City called me, to try to play in the way I believe with the players that I have.


"Of course I'm not going to play long balls when the tallest striker I have is short but of course i'm going to use Aguero, who has the quality to score goals in the right moment.


"We're going to play the way we play with our quality and we did it many times. I'm still really impressed with how quickly we played good, many times to win the game with personality in the short time.