The Catalan manager is unable to replicate his success with the Manchester City side in the EPL but he believes that would make him stronger.


The Manchester City supremo believes that has learned many lessons from this season with the Manchester City side, though he is unable to secure any silverware with the Manchester City side this season but believes that that would make him s stronger coach.

In his previous spells with the Bayern Munich side and also with the Barcelona side he achieved many things but this is the first time for him to end a season with silverware.

In their FA semi-final also the Manchester City side bites the dust against the Arsenal side and their last hope winning a trophy is ended.

In an interview, Guardiola said: "I am not a worse manager because I didn't win the title,"

"I feel as though I'm a better manager than before because I learned a lot and am more experienced. I've learned to handle situations better than before.

"Normally when something happens for the first time you know why it is the first time, so for it to happen after nine years is amazing. That is what I learned from that – I tried but I was not able.

"In Spain, there are fantastic teams that are not going to win anything this year but that is going to happen across Europe.

"I am expecting to have a long career as a manager and it will happen again one year.

"I am not at a club who have won a lot of titles like Barcelona, Bayern, Madrid, Inter, Juventus or AC Milan.

"So that's why you have to discover something new and you have to be better and better to win that amount of titles like United, Chelsea, and Liverpool – clubs with more history than Manchester City.

"That is why I decided to come here, it's been a big lesson for me. That's why I think about what we have not done well and take the right decision to make be better next season."

While they are missing to win any trophy under his wing but also they are struggling to hold their spot in the top four of the table.

They will take down Manchester United side today and between these two sides, only a solitary point gap is there.