The Blues Boss is not taking in graciously that Dmitri Seluk {Yaya Toure} agent outbursted in the press. And said that the midfielder will not play until the club will receive an apology from him. 


Pep Guardiola says that the Ivorian midfielder will not play under him until he receives an apology from him.

The Spaniard left out Yaya Toure from the champions league squad and SPORTSLIBRO understands that the Manchester City were keen to sell him if they would have got a bid in this summer transfer window.


Seluk the Ivirian’s agent told that: "if City doesn’t win the Champions League then I hope that Pep has got the balls to say that he was wrong to humiliate a great player like Yaya."



The Spaniard has not taken his comments kindly and on this account, the Blues league match against Swansea City he will play no part in it.


 Pep said told that:"It was so difficult for me to put him out in the Champions League," Guardiola said. "So difficult. I know him, I know he’s a good, good guy, but it was difficult for me as well to put Aleix Garcia out, [they are] the only two players that are out, because the list is the list.



"But the day after his agent spoke. In that moment Yaya is out. Unless Mr Dmitri Seluk comes back in the press conference, or his friends in the media, [until] he has the courage to call me, or go to the media and say he apologizes to Manchester City, the first one, the second one is his team-mates and after the trainer.


"When that happens Yaya will be part of the group and he will have the same chance to play all the games. Because I cannot accept, as a coach, every agent when his player doesn’t play goes to the media and speak and speak and speak.


"I know how Dmitri Seluk loves Yaya Toure, if he loves me; show me and apologies to Manchester City what he did in the [media]. I cannot imagine in my period when I was a football player, my manager going to the media and speaking against Johan Cruyff, about this and about that.