The 39 year old former Arsenal superstar and Former French international Thierry Henry gave some tip to his compatriot Antonio Griezmann  to get success in EPL also he amid that the Manchester United is making their move for him.


The 39-year-old Arsenal legend believes that the 25-year-old Atletico Madrid man Antonio Griezmann would be an ideal signing for Manchester United and also believes that he will be a star in the EPL.

This season the Red Devil side makes Antonio Griezmann their top target, the French international player some formidable football for his club and also for his country in the last two years.

The second assistant manager of the Belgium national team thinks that his compatriot will be perfect for the Manchester United team, and Manchester United fans will be pleased to see him in their squad.

In an interview the French international told to Sky Sports: “I think he’s someone that should come to the Premier League,”

“If he goes to Old Trafford then it’ll be great for them but he’s a player you need, for the league and everyone, for the fans, to be able to see that guy. I know of him for a very long time, he’s been at Sociedad early in his career.

No one wanted him in France by the way, when you think that he had to go to Sociedad to find his way, that tells you the character of the man and how great a player he is when no one thought he was going to do it.

“For now people talking about him going to Manchester United and what he can bring to the league and not only Manchester United if he goes there, it speaks volumes on how far he came from.

“But yes I think he should come here. Is it Man United? I don’t know but I think he should come to the Premier League.”

Because of his performance last year the 25-year-old Atletico Madrid man named the player of the tournament in the UEFA Euro Cup and also he got nominated for the Ballon d’Or alongside with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.