Griezmann needs trophies to compared with Ronaldo and Messi-Torres

Football News: The French star Antonio Griezmann needs more trophies to his name to consider in the world’s best.

Griezmann is as good as Messi and Ronaldo.

The Spanish striker Fernando Torres believes that his club mate Antonio Griezmann only needs trophies to sit alongside with Messi and Ronaldo.

This season also the French international has a scintillating season with Atletico Madrid, this season he has 26 goals to his name, now because of his wonderful form the Catalan giants are after him and he has been strongly linked with them.

Fernando Torres fells that Greizmann would be spoken alongside the two best In the game if he could win more trophies.

Torres voiced: "To be considered at the level of Messi and Cristiano, he is missing titles,"

"I hope he gets them at Atletico."

After the end of this season, the Spanish striker announced that he would leave the club, but he wants Griezmann, goalkeeper Oblak and striker Diego Costa to be in the team.