The French attacker of Atletico Madrid believes that in the CL final Juventus will emerge victories against the Real Madrid side.


Antoine Griezman tipped the Serie A  side to beat their City rivals Real Madrid side in the CL Final, he also thinks by winning this award Buffon could propel toward the Ballon d'Or honors.

On June 3 both the giants will meet each other in the Champions league final at Cardiff.

In the year of 1995-96 Juventus won the last CL award after that they fails to claim that award in 2015 they lost in the final against the Barcelona side but Griezmann thinks this time they will win it and Buffon will pop Ronaldo and Messi in the Ballon d'Or honors by claiming the trophy.

Griezmann said: "Juventus will win the Champions League and therefore Gigi Buffon the Ballon d'Or,"

Atletico Madrid reached to the Champions league final in 2014 and in last year but both the times they face defeat against the Real Madrid side in the final and this term also in the Semi-final they had to bite the dust against them.

Griezmann voiced: "[Finals] hurt more than semis. Because you think you're going to raise the trophy, you make moves with your people … Then you lose and it's very hard,"

Atletico Madrid will play the next year’s Champions league as they secure their spot on the top four of the table, and Griezmann elucidated: "We did not win titles, which is what we wanted,"

"We fulfilled an objective, third, we did a great job. Pity about the semis."