Griezmann is the boss: Mbappe

Football News: The 19-year-old French superstar lauded his teammate ahead of the world cup.

Griezmann has proved himself that he is the boss in France.

The PSG youngster Kylian Mbappe avouches that his compatriot Antonio Griezmann has proved himself as a boss in UEFA Euro 2016.

Two years ago France ends up as runners up in the UEFA Euro in their own backyards, and now in this world cup,p they are one of the favourites.

In the EURO cup , the Atletico Madrid manager was the top scorer of the tournament, and his team mate Mbappe believes previously Griezmann has showed that he is ready to lead his country in the bigger stage.

Mbappe voiced: "I think that he is the boss since the Euro already,"

"When you end the European Championship the best goal-scorer in your own country, you show the world that you have the shoulders to handle the pressure.

"It's true that he went through a bad patch following the competition but he showed how [much of] an amazing player he was and he is by scoring goal after goal.

"He will be pivotal for us if we want to get results."

France is in the group C, and they will face Australia in their opening game.