Former Manchester United legend warned the Belgium international for the upcoming season because the pressure will be inestimable.


Ryan Giggs in an interview he elucidated that he expects Lukaku to score goals for Manchester United side as Lukaku knows about the Portuguese manager and he is already settled in EPL.

This season Belgium international is with the Manchester United side and Red Devils have paid a large amount of money out of their pocket to have him in their squad, so expectation is also high around him to deliver the performance what everyone is expecting from him, because of that Giggs suggested Lukaku to get his skin thick for the upcoming season.

Last season the Belgium superstar had gone through a purple patch, last season he became the highest goal scorer in the EPL,

Last term Lukaku scored 25 goals for the Everton side, ahead by 8 goals than the Manchester United’s top scorer Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Giggs said: "He will be under scrutiny that he's never had before at West Brom, or Chelsea, or Everton.

"The pressure will be on you. So he needs to develop a thick skin, he needs to listen to the coaches, because that's all that counts really.


"And if he misses a chance, the next one that comes along he needs to put it away because, as a centre-forward at United, you're under scrutiny all the time. I think he will score goals, but you need goals from all over the park.


"I've seen a bit of (Alvaro) Morata. I've seen more of Lukaku. The pluses with Lukaku are obviously that he's played in the Premier League and Jose has worked with him before, and he's got friends. He's friends with Paul Pogba, and that makes the transition that bit easier."

According to the Sources, Manchester United is on the verge of singing the Croatian midfielder Ivan Perisic from Inter Milan and Giggs believes Perisic can make his impact on the Manchester United squad.

Giggs voiced: "If he comes, then the likes of Marcus Rashford, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Anthony Martial have to step it up,"

"It can be a boost for all the players. It not only excites the fans but also the players, when a new player comes in."