The 27 year old German international has netted two for them in last night at Hamburg, and says they could have score more goals.

Last night the world cup winners has thrashed the Czech Republic by 3-0 and he thinks they could have put more goals to them ,although he is pleased to send fans happy home.

The four time world champions were brutal in blowing away their visitors Czech Republic in Hamburg, while Muller and Toni Kroos’s goal gave the champions another three points in the world cup qualifiers.

They have wasted a number of good chances or else they can win the game with very big margin.

"We pleased the fans, who made a great atmosphere, so it is even more fun to play for Germany."

The 27 year old Muller struggled in front of goal at Euro 2016 but he has netted four goals for this country in this campaign.

"When you are not scoring goals, it's just so that you can work hard on yourself and you have to try again," he added.

"There are just unfortunately still defenders and a goalkeeper."
In their next match Germany will face Northern Ireland on Tuesday.