The 31 year old English international desires his club Chelsea to be the record breakers when they will play their next match on Boxing Day against Bournemouth at Stamford Bridge.


This season the Blues Chelsea team managed to win their last 11 league games and they are ready to brink of setting an outright record if they win their next match against Bournemouth.

The English professional says that he and his club team mates are ready to create a history.

The Defender told that:

"It's not something we speak about on a daily basis,"

"In fact, I haven't heard any of the lads speak about it, but we know about it and I'm aware of it. Of course you want to be involved in teams that break records and you want to be involved in teams that do well.

"We're aware of it and the Boxing Day game is a chance for us to do that,

which should add extra incentive. We want the three points badly and we want the record.

"I'll speak for myself, I want the record. Why would you not? There's three points and a record to go for.

"If you're asking me if I'm going to be motivated for that game, I think we're all in the same boat."

This season the Blues are sitting at the Numero Uno position of the EPL table and they are six points clear on the table,

This season they (Chelsea) team is having a formidable run in the EPL.
In the last season they had a despond run and finished at the 10th position on the table and for that this season they outside of European football.

But under their new boos Antonio Conte they have managed to turn thing around.

The defender voiced: "It's fantastic,"

"The mood in the camp at the minute, everyone's spirits are high. Everyone will tell you that playing in a winning team is easier. The run that we're on is brilliant so I hope it continues. We're full of confidence.

"What's going right is a number of things. Obviously people will touch on the change in formation, but there's the way we've adapted to that formation and the players we have in the team, ultimately.

"A lot was made of last year and rightly so. We had individuals, the majority, underperforming compared to the levels they usually set.

This season the Italian tactician changed the Chelsea’s formation to 3-4-3 from last season’s 4-3-3, many have risen questioned about his formation but this changed improves their performance.