This season the French youngster is on a fire for Monaco and  Garde believes he should stay there for more long.


According to the Former Aston Villa manager Mbappe is a more mature player than Henry at this stage.

In his time with the Olympic Lyon Garde brought out players like Alexandre Lacazette and Nabil Fekir to the first team, he is some kind of specialist at bringing out some magical young players.

Nowadays people have drawn a comparison between the Monaco star Mbappe and between the Arsenal main man Henry and Garde backed Mbappe by those suggestions.

He said: “So far he reminds me of Thierry [Henry]. Maybe he is more mature in his game already than Thierry was at the same time,”

As per our sources, we get to know that the EPL giants Manchester United bided  €85 million for the youngster but the Monaco side rejected it.

Garde voiced: “The advice would be to stay focused and not to forget you have everything at the moment in Monaco to become a better player. You have time in future to choose and change everything in your football life,”

“If Mbappé is playing well it’s partly because alongside him is [Radamel] Falcao, a very experienced player. He has a very well-balanced team around him and a good manager. Football is very fragile. We have seen gifted players have a very good start who choose not to concentrate any more on football and focus on advertising or media or choose the wrong clubs at the wrong time.

“If you can, stay concentrated only on football, please. Don’t forget you are only 18. Keep your dream of when you were a child, and try to forget everything around you when you are on the pitch. Realise what an opportunity it is to play in such a good collective team.”