Football News- We Still Have Some amazing Players- Ox Chamberain


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This season the 25 years old Brazilian made his move to Barcelona from Liverpool but the former Arsenal man feels that the move should not create an impact on the Liverpool.

In the recent past, Coutinho joined Barcelona from Liverpool for €160million, and that hit hard on their chances of finishing at the top four this season’s EPL table.

The Englishman Oxlade-Chamberlain thinks that Liverpool has the depth in their squad to fulfill Coutinho’s gap in the team.

In an interview, Chamberlain said: "When Phil didn't play in some games we still played great football and we still have amazing players who can score goals – the likes of Mo [Salah], Sadio [Mane], Roberto [Firmino] and everyone else,"

"We have goals and creativity all over the team. Obviously Phil added to that, there is no doubt about that.


"The fact is he has gone now and we have to think about what we have got that is going to get the job done. I have every faith in the boys that we just move on now.


"I don't think it should affect us at all."

This season right now Liverpool is placed at the fourth place in the EPL table and they are three points aback, from the second place team Manchester United.

This season Coutinho displayed some wonderful football for them and that gave them the opportunity to enlist themselves in the top four of the EPL table till now.

Oxlade added: "I knew what a world class talent Phil is before I came here and in the short time I played with him I saw what an influential part he was of the side,"

"He was a big character around the place and a fan's favourite – rightfully so. He was an amazing player and he did great things for Liverpool.

"When you lose anyone like Phil, I wouldn't say you're losing out, but you want as many good players as you can have in your team. That's football, that's the business that we are in. People come, people go.


"Great players will leave clubs and clubs will bring in great players. You don't like to see friends leave – and Phil was a really good guy – but you wish them all the best.".

In their next match, Liverpool will tackle Manchester City on their home Ground Anfield.