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Last night the veteran Italian midfielder of Roma Daniele De Rossi has some tempted word with Italy’s coaching staff, which he has explained.

The Italian midfielder has explained his remonstration with the Italian head coach Gian Piero Ventura was because he wants Ventura to put on an extra striker on the fielder against Sweden.

Last night Italy drew their match against Sweden at San Siro and because of that after both the legs on an aggregate of 1-0 goals they lost to Sweden and failed to qualify for the 2018 Russia world cup.

The bold Roma man voiced that he was taken off from the Azzurri duty for the last time, and he was frustrated to his head coach because of not sending the Napoli star man Insigne on the field, despite Italy needed one goal against Sweden.

De Rossi said: "Why the hell should I go on? We don't need to draw here, we need to win!".

After last night it was the first time the Italian team fails to qualify for the World cup finals till 1958.

De Rossi added: "We have this tendency to warm up three at a time, then after five minutes we change and another three go,"

"I just said we were near the end and had to win, so send the strikers to warm up. I pointed to Insigne too.

"It wasn't up to me whether it was a tactical issue. I'm sorry if I offended anyone. At the time I just thought perhaps it was better that Insigne come on instead."

About his International career and about Italy’s future De Rossi elucidated: "We will begin again, just as we did after other desperately disappointing moments.

"I don't believe we deserved to go out considering the 180 minutes, Sweden deserve credit for their performance, but it was fairly even.

"Now the next generation is ready to take flight and we must begin again from them. It was almost an absurd moment to associate with a football match. There was a funereal atmosphere in the locker room, yet nobody died.

"I've been wandering around Coverciano and all over the world with this jersey for over a decade, so to take it off for the last time is a strange feeling."