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Football News claims that their last win against Bournemouth was their second win in the premier league, but the Italian manager knows that defending their title this year will be very difficult for them.

The Blues manager says Chelsea must be realistic over their premier league title chances.

Last night they have won the match against their counterpart by 1-0 goals, thanks to Eden Hazard’s wonderful striker in the second half gave them the win, and with that win, they now leapfrog to the fourth position in the table.

But on the other hand, Manchester City side also won their match against West Brom last night and they make sure that they will stay nine points clear of Chelsea.

This season Conte is reluctant to make any declaration for Chelsea’s title’s dream after they made a slow start to the season.

Conte said: "At this moment we must be realistic by going game by game,"

"We have 19 points and we deserve to have 19 points.

"We are first in our group in the Champions League. We went into the next round of the Carabao Cup after going out in the second round last season.

"I'm very happy with this group. There are players who are very honest, players who want to fight until the end for something important.

"Are we able to do this? I don't know. But we will try to stay there.

"I know very well that, in England in this league, there are six top teams, very strong. Four go into the Champions League. Two have to stay out and play Europa League. Last season we saw this. It was very, very, very difficult.

"For us, it's very important to overcome this period. We started this season with a lot of problems: starting in the summer with Hazard's surgery, then an injury to Pedro, then two red cards for our players and an injury for N'Golo Kante with the national team, then Victor Moses.

"We faced a lot of problems. But we stay there. We try to do our best in every moment."