Football News- we are preparing like we are facing Spain or England- Tite


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The fiver time winners Brazil has receive a kind draw in world cup 2018, but their manager Tite has avouches that it will not change their preparations.

Last night in draw Brazil were placed in group D and with them they have Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia.

But the Brazilian gaffer said that that their preparation will be the same for next year’s world cup 2018 Russia.

After the world cup draw Brazil head coach avouched: "The requirement for Switzerland, Serbia and Costa Rica is the same for Spain, England or any other team. It's the same thing,"

"I only thought – and this is my conviction – to control only what is within my reach, to invest my energy in this, which is to make Brazil consolidate and grow."

This time in the world cup qualifying rounds Brazil has showed their domination and they were the first team to get earn the spot for next year’s extravagant event after Russia, and they were 10 points cleared in the difficult CONMEBOL section.

Brazil also knows they are one of favorites for next year’s showpiece, but they feels that there is room for improvement for them.

Brazil coach added: "We still need to improve the tactical part, the physical preparation also needs adjustments for the players to arrive in the best condition,"

"We also need to act on the mental side to deal with the pressure and this expectation.

"We are a favourite, but there are others."