Football News: Pique has big balls –PanuccI


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Cristian Panucci the former Italian defender has accolades about the Spanish defender Pique after Pique survives with the extra scrutiny over his performance.

The Albanian head coach Cristian Panucci heap praised about his Gerard Pique and said that he has balls.

In the recent past, the Catalan center back spoke about the independence of Catalonia and about the referendum that has been exhausted by police violence.

The Spanish center back also threatened to quit the national squad but after that, he vowed not to retire, Pique’s strong stance impress the former Italy defender.

Panucci said: “I honestly think he’s got big balls and a lot of courage,”

“I don’t want to get into his political affairs and other things, but I like people who are clear, with character and sincerity.

“He’s got a lot of character. He’s a player of a very high level and he knows how to handle these things well so I don’t think it’s going to affect him very much.”